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Consulting and design


Ferestre Partner means both products of exceptional quality and care for each client. That is why we will always allocate as much resources as possible for the entire measurement process, consultancy in choosing the best technical solutions and installation to be carried out in the best conditions.

Measurements / Transport / Demounting / Assembly

• measurement of gaps by specialists, accompanied by advice on ideal technical solutions for carpentry and drawing up the project of joinery by specialists;
• transportation of joinery to the beneficiary;
• assembly of the joinery to the beneficiary..

Joinery assembly

A quality window can only be used by a correct installation of the window, otherwise there will be major window dysfunctions and will drastically reduce its life.

The assembly is done with specialized teams and is executed in accordance with the technical catalogs. The mounting materials are of the highest quality and the construction solutions are the most suitable, giving the work sealing and functionality.
Download PDF - Professional installation

Warranty and post warranty service

• product servicing both in warranty and post warranty
• replacing of the glazing

Ferestre Partner

What differentiates us from the competition is that for us, quality is in the standard, not optional!

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