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Insulating glass

The thermal and acoustic insulation properties of the windows are largely influenced by the quality of the insulating glass. It is very important to choose the right glazing, considering that the window represents 80% of the window surface.

Thus, we will always offer you the optimal solution, taking into account the following benefits:

Thermal insulation

Solar control

Visual comfort

Energy saving

Safety and security

Acoustic comfort

Choosing the right insulating glass can be a challenge. An adequate glazing solution offers long-term benefits

SGG PLANITHERM – The range of glazing glass for Enhanced Thermal Insulation

®SGG PLANITHERM range is the low emissivity range of glazed glass.
These products are made of clear glass over which are deposited fine, transparent layers of compounds of metallic origin.
The low emissivity of these deposits reflects the infrared radiation specific to the heat from the heating system.
SGG PLANITHERM products give the insulated glazing the Enhanced Thermal Insulation feature. In the cold season, this feature greatly reduces radiant heat losses through the glazing.

• Thermal insulation, giving the double glazing a thermal transfer coefficient of 1.1 W / (m2.K) *
• Transparency, delivering a maximum natural light output of 82% *
• Neutral appearance
• Enhanced Thermal Insulation by its thermal transfer coefficient of Ug = 1.0 W / (m2.K) *
• Enhanced Solar Protection, reflecting over 60% of the outdoor heat to maintain an optimum indoor temperature during summer
• Comfortable level of intimacy through light reflexivity
* Double glazing in configuration 4 (16) 4, 90% Argon

The SGG PLANITHERM range of glass is only mounted in thermo-insulating glass assembly. For the correct choice of glass entering the glazing, two technical criteria are taken into account:
- Thermal insulation performance (thermal transfer coefficient, Ug)
- Solar energy input (solar factor, g)
To achieve the best performance, fitting them into insulating glazing is made:
- The deposits ®SGG PLANITHERM XN are positioned on face # 3, in double glazing, or on face # 5, in triple glazing.
Thanks to a low absorption level, SGG PLANITHERM XN deposits can also be placed on the middle panel of a triple glazing without any risk of thermal breakage.
- The SGG PLANITHERM 4S EVOLUTION® deposits are always positioned on the face # 2 of the insulating glazing, whether it is a double or triple glazing.

From an aesthetic point of view, seen from the outside, the glasses in the ®SGG PLANITHERM range look neutral. However, in order to achieve a homogeneous appearance of the building, it is recommended to mount one type of glazing on the same facade.

Additional features
The ®SGG PLANITHERM range of glass can also provide additional safety/ security features when rolled (see STADIP® range).

SGG PLANISTAR SUN – Glazing glass with enhanced Thermal Insulation, Sun Protection and Transparency

® SGG PLANISTAR SUN is a glazing glass having a double function: Low emissivity (it reflects infrared radiation with high wavelength) and solar control (reflecting much of the solar energy). This is a clear glass type on which a thin transparent layer consisting of metallic material is deposited by the vacuum cathode spraying process.

® SGG PLANISTAR SUN is ideal for large glazed surfaces in new or refurbished buildings in warm climates or with South and West oriented windows offering many advantages:
- Enhanced thermal insulation, due to its reduced emissivity; the double glazing achieves a thermal transfer coefficient Ug = 1.0 W / (m2.K);
- Enhanced solar protection, limiting the overheating of the indoor space due to a low solar factor (g = 0.38), so 62% of the solar energy is blocked outdoors;
- Transparency and daytime comfort through the high light transmission (TL = 72%);
- The optimized selectivity of nearly 1.9 promotes this glass in the category of high-performance products.

® SGG PLANISTAR SUN must be installed in insulating glass, with the deposit placed exclusively on face # 2. For triple glazing assembly, to achieve the best performance, the glass inside must be a low emissivity glass, ®SGG PLANISTAR XN (face # 5).
sticla 02

SGG STADIP: Laminated safety and security glass

The laminated glass consists of two or more sheets of glass assembled with one or more polyvinylbutyral (PVB) films.

Depending on the number of PVB films, there are different types of laminate glass:
- ®SGG STADIP: having a single PVB film with a thickness of 0.38 mm.
- ® SGG STADIP PROTECT: having two or more PVB films, each having a thickness of 0.38 mm.
By varying the number and / or thickness of each of the components, laminated windows with different security levels are obtained.

- Protection against accidental injury: If the glass breaks, the fragments remain stuck on the lamination film.
- Glass drop protection: In the case of glass-roofed verandas, it is ensured that people are protected when installed inside.
Laminated glass may, to a certain extent, retain the object that produced the breakage, but also the glass fragments. This level of safety is achieved by setting up an insulating glazing consisting of a laminated glass with a 0.38 mm PVB film.

- Protection against falling victim: depending on the desired level of security, dimensioning and correct installation and according to the regulations in force, the stratified security glazing offers:
• Residual stability in case of breakage
• Retaining the bodies that caused the glass to break
• Protection against vandalism and burglary: mounted in a suitable fitting, are important deterrents, contributing to the security of people and homes.
This level of security is achieved by setting up an insulating glazing consisting of a laminated glass with two or more PVB films.

Additional features
The products of the ® SGG STADIP range can also be made of low emissivity glass from the ® SGG PLANITHERM range, providing thermal insulation, solar control, neutral optic effect and energy savings throughout the year.

® SGG STADIP SILENCE - Acoustic and security laminated glass
® SGG STADIP SILENCE is a laminated glass with acoustic and security features composed of two or more glass sheets assembled with one or more acoustic PVB films.

Assembled in insulating glazing, ® SGG STADIP SILENCE considerably attenuates the outside noise inside the dwelling exposed in noise-stricken areas (commercial highways, heavy road traffic, railway or air traffic, sports grounds or stadiums, etc.). The ®SGG STADIP SILENCE glasses have superior acoustic performance compared to the SGG STADIP (standard PVB) glazing with the same component.



SWISSPACER Ultimate - The best thermal spacer in the world! Officially tested by IFT Rosenheim!

swiss 00

- The best technical parameters (Psi-value, Lambda-value);
- Increased temperature on the glass surface;
- The preferred windows spacer for passive houses. Over 60% of passive houses have certified SWISSPACER® solutions;
- Minimal risk of condensation;
- Recommended for improving the performance of the existing windows, just by replacing the insulating glass package;
- Premium aesthetics and quality;
- The best cost - benefit ratio.

B. Aluminum spacer
1. Fiber glass
2. High-Tech vapour barrier: Vapour and gas barrier

swiss 01 sticla 03

Example of calculation: with aluminium spacer, at an outdoor temperature of -30 gr.C, an indoor temperature of 22 gr.C and 50% relative humidity, there is condensation risk.

swiss 02

Example of calculation: with SWISSPACER® Ultimate, spacer, at an outdoor temperature of -2o gr.C, an indoor temperature of 22 gr.C and 50% relative humidity, there is no condensation risk.

swiss 03

Decorative glass

Decorative glass is the ideal material to transform an interior, giving it a special ambiance, while combining aesthetics with resistance.
The wide range of decorative glass textures meets even the most demanding tastes.
Transparent, translucent or opaque, decorative glass is presented in a multitude of patterns, colors and textures that add style to any home.






Ornamental rods

They add an additional value to your window, either classic or modern.

They can be made in a variety of models and are available in a variety of solid colours or wood decor. They can be applied on the outside or inside of the insulating glass.

Applied rods

Interior rods


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